Monday, April 23, 2012

...with Noah and Brooklynn

Lately I have been doing my cousin a favor and occasionally watched her two children. It's been a very interesting a fun couple of weeks for me. (I've totaled about 4 babysitting days now in the past two weeks)

The first day I had them was last Wednesday. I agreed to it before I realized Angel had T-ball practice that night. Once Angel got off the bus I decided to take the kids to the park and then we could all go to practice. I got in the car only to realize I had no gas and no way to pay for it other than a check. This was not that big of a deal. It only meant I'd have to drive about 5-10minutes out of the way to get to the gas station that took checks.

On the way to the gas station I noticed Brooklynn climbing out of her car seat. I must point out that I had to wash this car seat earlier and I apparently didn't put it back together right! We got to the gas station and I had to pull her out, sit her down in the drivers seat and take apart and re-put back together the car seat. Meanwhile Noah has taken off his seat belt and is walking around the inside of my car Yelling to me "Can I get out? Can I help?". Abigail has decided this would be a good time to scream at the top of her lungs, so Angel has her ears covered rocking back and forth in her seat. Did I mention Brooklynn had figured out how to honk the horn?

Once I got the seat fixed and figured out I grabbed all 4 children ages 6, 3, 1, and 1 and we headed towards to entrance of the gas station. While inside they each wanted a drink. I figured since we were going to the park it might be a good idea, so I took these 4 young children all through the store in search of the children's drinks which they had moved since last time so they were hard to find! I also remembered I was out of milk.

We then made our way to the counter. I got their drinks, a gallon of milk, and my gas and explained that I'd be back for the drinks and milk once I'd safely buckled my children. Unfortunately I still had to attach Brooklynn's seat and it just happen to be in the middle in between Noah's car seat and Abigail's. Somehow after 15 minutes of working with everything while the three youngest were running around the inside of my car I manged to get everything in a working order and all children buckled. The cashier was nice enough to bring me the drinks and even help open them all while I pumped! 45 minutes later we headed for the park. We got there just in time to go to T-ball practice!

Luckily I have great patience when it comes to young children because despite the fact that my couch had now been peed on twice I agreed to watch them for two days again this week. Yesterday I took the kids to kidsfest at harborwalk. I had one baby strapped to my side and the other riding in the stroller with the older children holding onto each side. We only stayed there for an hour because there was nothing for the babies to do and all the fun stuff cost too much money at this free event.

Even though we went potty as soon as we got there and again just before we left... It seemed that no sooner than I started the car Noah screams "I have to go to the bathroom!!" "Well, Noah, you really do have to try and hold it."

I raced to Wal-Mart as best as I could without breaking any laws. We go inside head straight for the bathroom. "Do you need help, Noah?" I asked...

"No Ma'am." He says

It's quiet for a minute. Then he says "I pooped." Very calmly

"OK, are you done then?" I asked

"yeah, but I pooped on my underwear and on the floor"

I opened the bathroom stall and sure enough there is poop down his legs, on his shoes, underwear and all over the floor. "Noah?? What happened??" I asked

"I couldn't get my shirt off in time" He said

It slipped my mind that 3 year old boys like to get completely naked before pooping.

Once we got all that cleaned up as best we could, we picked up a few things and headed towards home... and just as soon as I started the car Noah screams "I have to pee!!"

"Noah! You were JUST in the bathroom!!"

"I have to pee real bad!"

"Well hold it and I'll find someplace as soon as I can!"

Grabbing himself with a look of concern Noah said "Yes ma'am"

I managed to find what looked like a closed business building with several trees. I parked in a way to where no one could see. Brooklynn had fallen asleep at this point and Angel was well on her way so I knew I couldn't take everyone out again. I figured this would be easiest. Noah took care of his business and we headed once again towards home.

After about 5 minutes of quiet Abigail started screaming. I'm driving and can't even try to reach a cup or mouth plug (pacifier). I find a parking lot and pull over. Noah screams "I have to pee!!!"


"Ok, Noah... go behind that dumpster"

"yes ma'am"

I find a mute button (pacifier) just as Noah climbed back in. Abigail quiets up. We cross over the 331 bridge and Noah screams "I have to pee!!!"

Wow... I wanted to make him wait but remember my poor couch I pulled over again and helped him to the edge of the woods. We got back in and soon Noah was fast asleep too. Even though I knew I'd be home in about 10 seconds I cranked up the music and kept driving...

Luckily this whole experience has helped Angel to understand what happens to baby boys...

They turn 3!

So instead of asking when she can get a baby brother she explains that we need to wait until Abigail grows up so that he won't be a bother to them...

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